Honda Winter Brochure

A face lift was needed for the current Honda brochure promoting a more exciting campaign feel and a focus on lifestyle and environment.

The Challenge

Honda Power Equipment is a trusted household name that delivers reliable products for year round maintenance. Their current brochure needed a facelift to bring more attention to the "Power Through Winter" event itself (with less attention to the price and discounts) and feature more lifestyle imagery to showcase products being enjoyed in household and relatable environments.

The process

The process included storyboarding a design where the brochure could demonstrate ease of use and attractive household environments, so the event and their attractive product line could take stage over the lack of significant discounts.

The results

A rich winter brochure was printed in a very large run for all Canadian PE locations. Readers could get excited about the "Power Through Winter" campaign and picture themselves enjoying the products in their own homes.

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