Land Solutions

Land Solutions needed a unique website that better supported their multi-service and multi-industry offerings.

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The Challenge

Land solutions is an oil and gas company servicing a wide range of sectors with a large list of services who needed to stand out from their competitors. Wanting to keep their current content, they needed a better framework and intuitive navigation to replace their unwieldy amount of pages and confusing navigation.

To stand out visually, Land Solutions wanted to stay away from conventional 'pump jack' and 'pipeline' images and needed to convey that they were environmentally conscious .

The process

Using some foundation UX work, such as card sorting and prototype development(based on existing content), I created a user flow that would support access from their diverse client base. These concepts and iterations were presented to the client and explained to the client for company buy-in and designs were created based on this new infrastructure.  

Working (PSD) files were supplied to developer to work closely with me during the build. Any issues or inconsistencies were addressed during this process to ensure the desired look and experience were reflected in the build.

The results

The results were a warm and inviting website with rich imagery and a practical layout with clear and prioritized calls to action. The client appreciated the globe and circular notes from the logo representing a global presence, connectivity and earth. Users were able to quickly assess whether Land Solution's services supported their needs and location, then easily connect.

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