Si Systems

S.i. Systems is an IT recruitment company that is all about people. They needed a web presence that showcased a commitment to their clients and their placement success rate.

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The Challenge

With an industry leading placement model and a reputation for compatibility and staff retention, S.i. systems needed a web presence to reflect their successful business platform.

Their existing website was hard to navigate and lacked mobile functionality and analytics indicated that many people weren't even making it to the search widget. They needed an interface that was clear and friendly with a personable, human feel.

The process

Working with a web strategist and approved wireframes, I was able to develop a series of mood boards to present to the client and establish a palette and tone that would set the stage for their new site. With a huge focus on the human element and their great statistics, were able to refine the final design concepts to best reflect S.i. Systems.

Working closely with the developers I could ensure the experience was one that was delightful, efficient and welcoming to the user. Elements for the wireframe/functionality needed to be reviewed and iterations developed to maintain goal oriented functionality.

The results

Users were able to navigate the site with clear direction to either qualifying jobs for candidates or corporations looking for talent. The mobile search functionality was optimized to remove known pain points of their target demographic. S.i Systems reflected their human centric values with a fresh, friendly  site design and build.

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